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    What are car title loans?

    A car title loan is the same as an auto title loan and an auto equity loan.

    Car title loans simply use your vehicles' title as collateral. You surrender your title temporarily and get it back at the end of the loan. Because your car is used to secure your loan, there is no need to have perfect credit. That is why title loans are a fast way to get the cash you need quickly.

    What if I have bad credit or no credit at all? Can I get a car title loan if I filed for bankruptcy?

    You definitely can! Your credit can be bad or non-existent and eben bankruptcy is no problem with car title loans. Your car is the collateral - so if you own your car, you qualify.

    What do I need to do to apply for a Texas title loan?

    First, get a FREE online title loan quote! All you have to do is take one minute to complete the form. Afterwards, one of our auto title loans representative will contact you to discuss the quote in more detail and see if you would like to proceed.

    Can I pay my title loan off before the loan pay period is completed?

    YES! You are more than welcome to pay your title loan back at any time before the pay period ends. This is possible because we do not have prepayment penalties. Also, as a side note, paying your loan back on time or before could go towards improving your credit score!

    With vehicle title loans, can I still drive my car?

    Yes. Obviously, your car is an important part of your life, so getting an auto title loan will not affect your freedom. You keep and drive your vehicle as normal. We hold on to your car title during the loan and return it to you at the end.

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